Jacksta 10 Ton T-ROCK Excavation Heavy Load Tipping Dump Trailer Half Pipe

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The Jacksta T-ROCK Excavation Heavy Load Tipping Trailers

High-Quality High spec CE certified universal tipping trailer for all sorts of tasks around the business.

Product Code FTR-10 FTR-15 FTR-18
STANDARD Loading Capacity (kg) 10,000 15,000 18,000
Volume (m3) 5.36 8.90 10.50
Empty Weight (kg) 2,700 3,100 3,700
Case Dimensions (mm) 4.150 x 2.000 4.500 x 2.200 5.200 x 2.200
Sidewall Height (mm) 700 1,000 1,000
Tires 500/50-17 500/60-22,5 550/60-22,5
Braking Type Hydraulic/Air Hydraulic/Air Hydraulic/Air
Material ST52 (S355J2+N) (mm) 5 5 5
EXTRAS Pneumatic Brake
Pneumatic Brake (ALB)
Spring Drawbar
Self Steering Axle
Power Steering Axle
K80 Drawbar
Hydraulic Jack
Optional Tyre 435/50-R19,5  ***
Optional Tyre 550/45-22,5  ***
Optional Tyre 500/60-22,5  ***  standard  ***
Optional Tyre 550/60-22,5  ***  Standard
Optional Tyre 385/55-R22,5  ***  ***


Standard Specification Include:

  • Heavy Duty Chrome Tipping Ram with Galvanised outer
  • Wind up and down Landing Foot or Hydraulic option (Leave wound up with tractors with pick-up hitch)
  • CE Road legal Lights with Metal Guards
  • Storage Box and Wheel Chock
  • Heavy-Duty Powder Coated for a long life
  • Reinforced floor and sides Material ST52 (S355J2+N) (Best on market) 5mm, option to have Hardox
  • Axles and brakes rated to 100kph
  • High Tipping Angle
  • Hydraulic Brakes with Air option and hand brake
  • Soap & Water dispenser to clean up after those dirty jobs.
  • Lockable Storage Box for your tie downs etc, the box contains electric wire for lights, keys and wheel brace.
  • All covered with our Parts only 2 Year UK Warranty

For a delivery quote just email us your postcode or collection from Corby area.

Any question email: info@jacksta.co.uk


Call Simon anytime on: 07831 889 767

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