T8>T5 Conversion Kit 14W 2ft Day Light Wired Version

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T5 Retro Fit Advanced with reflector 14W 2ft Day Light (Wired Version)

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The Tri-phosphor T5 fluorescent tube has a high general colour index (up to 85Ra) offering comparable light output and colour rendering to existing T8/T12 tubes.

What is it?

Why switch to Jacksta Energy T5 Conversion Kits Impressive energy savings – high-frequency operation combined with new generation T5 tube provides savings of up to 65% Rapid payback – as the cost of converting existing luminaries is a fraction of a complete light fitting replacement, the payback on Jacksta Energy Kits is very fast Reduces maintenance by over 30% – the high-frequency ballast combined with the new generation T5 tube offers 20,000 hours service life, twice that of standard luminaries fitting with conventional tubes Hassle-free installation – simply plug the tube into the conversion kit and replace the T8/T12 tube with the Jacksta Energy Kit


1. Make sure power to the fitting to be converted is OFF
2. Remove the existing starter tube
3. Remove unit cover, trace power source into box and disconnect at the first connection
4. Thread the T5 wire through the starter hole and connect directly to the incoming power block, this should leave nothing connected in the unit, just the T5. Replace the unit cover.
5. Slot the conversion kit into the existing fitting
6. Turn the power back on and test
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